We created Project PHILEO to give you access to the encouragement you need as a leader of a faith-based enterprise.   Whether through the comraderie of other leaders through this GPE corporate foundation network or through our for-profit  consulting services, we are here to help you realize your dreams.
     We have some unique online services                                                   under development  to help you innovate,                                                        including,

 - PHILEO-Lab: an internet-based tool to help  you                                         assess your organization's collaborative
- PHILEO-Net: an internet -based tool to help                                             you create strategic multi-sector collaborations                                that make the most of your collaborative assets.
At GPE3, we help faith-based businesses of all sizes develop strategic multi-sector collaborations.
We’ve amassed a comprehensive set of important skills that allows us to evaluate your unique business requirements, regardless of the age of your business. Areas of particular expertise include:
  --> Strategic Enterprise Development
  --> Innovative Analytical Research
  --> Unique Change management
  --> Leading-Edge Multi-national Organizational Architecture
Our Members
Member Service Overview
Contact Us at 917-200-8762 or sharon.forrest@gpe3.com
Note: PHILEO-Lab and PHILEO-Net are proprietary enterprises of Global Philanthropic Enterprises owned by Sharon Forrest.